Paloma Golf Tournament

Paloma Golf Tournament

Hello Arizona Arsenal! 

Soccer is back in full swing, tournaments are starting, out of state travel is already happening for some and the drive back and forth to Paloma several nights a week is reality for most of us.  That said,  David Belfort and I want to talk to you about something not soccer related at all.  As most of you know, but possibly not all, Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club is a secular organization.  While we partner with Paloma Community Church, being a member of their church or even attending it is 100% irrelevant when it comes to being a member of Arizona Arsenal.  Simply, the ministry of Paloma Community Church is to create community outreach through youth sports…Arizona Arsenal just happens to be the main beneficiary of their ministry and generosity.  What’s your point you may be asking by now?  Here it is:   


Paloma Community Church’s main fundraiser for the year is their annual golf tournament.   Paloma’s congregation is relatively small – less than 200 members.  That means that the beautiful facility we call home was basically funded on the backs of less than 200 people.  Pretty amazing when you stop to think of it.  This golf tournament means a lot to the church.  It is, like we said, their main fundraiser for the year.   We would LOVE to see a very strong showing of Arsenal families participate in the golf tournament this year.  If you’re a golfer, please consider organizing a foursome and enjoy some golf on a beautiful Fall day in Mesa/ Gilbert, Arizona.  If you own a business or know someone who does, please consider becoming a sponsor.   If you just want to try your luck, please consider buying a ball drop raffle ticket.  Any form pf participation is desired, but we are really hoping to get a good number of Arsenal golfers out to support the tournament.  This is a great way to help both Paloma Community Church and Arizona Arsenal since all of the funds generated will go directly back into the facility.  Not to mention it is also a great way just to support a body of people who have given Arizona Arsenal so much.  Our facility is truly one of a kind! 


The information for the golf tournament is attached.   Let’s show Paloma Community Church who the Arizona Arsenal Community is! 


Geoff Borger – President - AASC

David Belfort – Executive Technical Director - AASC 

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