Will my child be accepted into the Arsenal Youth Development Program?

All children are accepted into the Arsenal Youth Development Program (AYDP).  However this will be a structured training environment where players will be encouraged to be active and enjoy themselves while still developing as soccer players.

How often do you practice?

The AYDP practices twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5:00pm – 6:00 p.m. at Paloma Soccer Complex.

The AYDP “Little Strikers” will practice one a week, Wednesdays, for 5:00pm- 5:45pm at Paloma Soccer Complex.

When and where do you play your games?

Games are played every Saturday at Paloma Soccer Complex.

How much does the AYDP Program cost?

The AYDP costs $170 for a  season of Training/ Games and includes a Training shirt and Nike Jersey.  If registered after September 1 cost goes to $185.

Who do the AYDP teams play against?

The AYDP teams play against other AYDP teams.

What is the age range of the AYDP players?

The players in the AYDP range in ages from 4 years old all the way up to11 years old. The players are broken into teams based on their age groups, gender and skill levels.

Is the AYDP a competitive club team or is it a recreational team?

The AYDP is a individual skill development league.  The difference between the AYDP teams and a recreational team is that all the trainers that coach the practices are experienced, nationally licensed soccer coaches. The AYDP coaches all have played soccer at the semi professional, collegiate or high school level which gives them a great amount of knowledge to pass on to our youngsters. This knowledge allows them to set up practices that are not only enjoyable, age appropriate, but also that maximize the time spent on improving the skills of the young players.

What are the difference/similarities between playing Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club club/competitive soccer and playing in the AYDP?

The biggest difference is club soccer teams play their league games against other teams from across the Phoenix Valley. These club teams play teams from Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa and any of the other suburbs that have club soccer teams. Also, club soccer teams play in soccer tournaments in the Phoenix area and/or in other states.

The AYDP and club soccer are similar in three ways.  League games are played on Saturdays.  Both the club and AYDP practice twice a week. Some older club teams do practice more than twice a week, but not the younger ages.  The final similarity is the quality of coaches. Both the AYDP and the club teams have coaches who have years of playing and coaching experience.

Since the Arsenal AYDP is under the umbrella of the Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club, is the Academy too competitive?

Over the years whenever a person says club sports, they assume it becomes way too competitive. That isn’t what Arsenal competitive soccer or the AYDP are all about. Club soccer and the AYDP are all about putting players in a position to be taught how to play the game of soccer. We give the players quality coaches to make sure that the players are maximizing their time on the soccer field. The practices are fun and skills orientated. Everyone wants to win soccer games, but winning isn’t the ultimate goal.  Developing quality soccer players is the goal. Winning comes over time, through the improvement in the skills of the players.

What can I do to maximize the enjoyment of my soccer player?

Parents can do a lot of things to make the season more enjoyable. First of all, there are always helpers that are needed to make a successful team work efficiently. You just need to talk to your coach and see how you can help out. Another way to help is to come to the games and cheer for your child’s team.  We ask that the parents only provide encouragement and stay away from coaching or talking to the referees. Everyone has more fun when the crowd is excited, but under control.

How do I begin registering my child in AYDP or Little Strikers programs?

We now have online registration which makes registering your child or children easy. To begin the registration please click here.